Copper Cable

Copper cables still dominate most networks because they are a great, fast, reliable and cost effective solution.

Fibre Optic

Network cabling is fast and high-bandwidth and is ideal for any applications where stable and reliable data transfer is required.

Wireless & Laser Wi-Fi

Our team of highly qualified wireless network engineers will help you achieve your business requirements.

Audio Visual

The very best professional audio/visual equipment for a high-quality, high-performance, reliable system.

Data Centres

Our expert team of networking professionals can help you design, plan and implement your new data centre.

Cable Audits

Map your existing infrastructure to identify any weaknesses, to improve performance and help with expansion.

Active Kit

We use the best and most renowned and trusted brands on the market for the highest quality equipment.

Environmental Monitoring & Control

We specialise in only the best of the best when it comes to network and data centre monitoring software.

Welcome to Indigo Technology Services

Indigo Technology Services is a company that provides network engineering services for the UK. The company was created by Stephen Johansen after a management buy-out of Strand Technology Plc. Indigo Technology Services provides a range of network cabling and infrastructure services for businesses of all sizes. We work with copper, fibre and wireless networks and manage all aspects of an IT system.

Whatever your network infrastructure needs, we can help you to find the right hardware, software and tools for your business. From providing interactive whiteboard systems to designing a server-room layout and managing the cabling, wiring and UPS implementations, we can help you to put together a stable, secure and reliable network.

In addition to network engineering services, we also offer project management services. We believe that for a large technology project to be successful, the project must be carried out in the most professional manner possible, with careful health and safety and risk assessments, detailed planning and regular client updates. Our team takes pride in delivering the highest quality of service and aims to complete all projects on time and within budget. Our fixed-price proposals include warranties, resource allocation, risk assessments and regular client meetings to ensure that everything is delivered to the client’s expectations.

If you have any questions about network cabling or the right kind of network infrastructure for your business, or you would like to know more about the services that we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our representatives. We would be happy to explain the benefits of each kind of network technology and to work with you to help you decide what sort of network would suit the present and the likely future needs of your business. We offer scalable, practical and affordable solutions for all types of business.

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