Cable Audits

It’s easy to assume that the cabling for your business network and telecommunications is something that can be safely ignored once it has been installed. However, that’s not the case, especially if it’s a few years old. Networks tend to evolve over time, with ad-hoc additions often being made to accommodate extra machines or office reorganisations.

The problem is that often these additions don’t always get properly documented, and if the IT staff who installed them leaves your business you can end up with difficulties when trouble shooting or making more changes.

Carrying out a cabling audit is the answer. It can be used to map your existing infrastructure and can identify any weaknesses, save time when it comes to making changes and help plan for future requirements and expansion. At Indigo Technology Services our expert team of networking professionals will perform a comprehensive audit of your existing network to identify any potential issues with infrastructure, equipment and overall performance.

We are available to design and implement cabinet plans, making it easier to see where there’s spare capacity. The audit can also identify and correct any labelling issues both on patch panels and outlets. If you’re experiencing performance issues, you can also have cables individually tested to identify bottlenecks and the types of cable used, as well as carry out any repatch work needed.

Network and cable audits can include your mains cabling too, in order to make sure it’s safe and not overloaded. Power requirements of your cabinets can be included as well as their heat outputs so that you can effectively plan your machine room and any network cabinet replacement that might be required.

Once an audit is complete, you’ll be able to identify any issues arising from older cables that can’t cope with faster network speeds and may suffer signal drop over long distances. This will also help you plan any future requirements to grow the network or make better use of your office space, where extra cabling may be needed.

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