Environmental Monitoring and Control

At Indigo Technology Services we understand that our customers require safety and security of their precious data. Whether planning, installing or maintaining dedicated data storage facilities, rooms, racks or just a single server, we believe that every single element requires the same commitment to providing an excellent and professional service.

Network monitoring and data centre monitoring are specialist areas requiring top-level specialist solutions in order to maintain systems at their peak levels at all times. Any compromises could have disastrous consequences for businesses, which is why at Indigo Technology Services we specialise in only the best of the best when it comes to network and data centre monitoring software.

StruxureWare for Data Centers collects and collates data centre information, including use of resources, assets and status of operations throughout the life cycle of the data centre. Managers are then better equipped to integrate, distribute and apply the information in order to optimise PUE (power usage effectiveness) in order to achieve targets. The program suite ensures that the appropriate person is provided with the information required at all times.

At Indigo we stock the Netbotz range of environmental monitoring and security systems to protect data centre security. A range of solutions is available to suit every data centre set-up, from the smallest to the most sophisticated. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology to monitor a range of issues, including temperature, humidity, dry contact and door contact, the higher-end models include surveillance systems that can warn of intruders, leaks, smoke and even excess vibrations which might compromise data security.

At Indigo Technology Services we supply a wide range of sensors, software, cables and accessories. We also stock specialist software which integrates seamlessly with NetBotz appliances to enhance the many features within the system. Audio recording, audio playback, IP filtering, video recordings with digital signatures and camera block-out are just some of the many benefits which a fully functioning system can provide, ensuring the health, safety and security of your data centre.

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