Active Kit

Indigo Technology Services are determined to deliver the best results for all our clients on every project that we undertake. Delivering the best, in this line of work, requires the highest quality, high-performance network and IT hardware available, and it is important that the equipment will provide long-term as well as short-term reliability. For this reason, we have teamed up with many of the best and most renowned and trusted technology brands on the market in order to procure the highest quality of equipment on the market.

Some of the brands we turn to in order to source this equipment are household names. The likes of D-link, Netgear and APC Schneider produce high-quality consumer-level as well as professional-level equipment. Similarly Cisco, HP, Juniper, though are much more business than consumer focussed, they are huge names in the world of communication systems and is therefore very well known. These companies have made a name at every level of the industry by providing reliable and high-quality technology and networking equipment, it is on the basis of these strong reputations that we turn to them when sourcing hardware for our clients’ projects.

We also team up with many other brands. Some are more well known than others in general circles, as some produce highly specialised, high-end or industry-focussed equipment and do not become so well known among non-networking professionals. However, all have a strong and hard-earned reputation within the industry as providers of extremely good technology solutions.

The brands we turn to for the best hardware around include APC, Draytek, Ruckus, Juniper,Aruba and Siklu. We also turn to such specialist brands as Geodesy, Fluke, Avigilon, Axis and Valcom.

The complete list of brands we can turn to in the procurement process is long and is made up only of names that we have carefully chosen as companies capable of providing the highest standards that our clients require. This gives us plenty of choice and the freedom to obtain the best and most appropriate equipment for every individual project.

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