Data Centres

At Indigo Technology Services we understand that a data centre is a key component of ensuring many modern businesses operate effectively. Despite the fact that many applications are moving to the cloud, there’s still a need for in-house systems, if only to link up desktop workstations, so having the right data centre solutions in place ensures a smooth and efficient day-to-day operation.

Whilst you might think setting up a data centre is just a case of finding somewhere to house a couple of racks and run some cables, data centre design is a specialist skill. It needs to plan for serving existing capacity as well as allowing for any future expansion. And it needs to take into account the need to route cabling around the building easily, tidily and safely to comply with any health and safety requirements. Our expert team of networking professionals can help you design, plan and implement your new data centre.

Correct routing of cabling is important in order to keep things tidy. It used to be popular to use raised floors in machine rooms, but in modern data centre management it’s more common to use overhead trays. These keep the cables out of the way but make access easy for when expansion is required.

The layout of equipment in a data centre design is important too. Partly this is a matter of access, as some items will need more frequent attention by operations staff so need to be easy to get to. But layout can also be used to help manage temperature, positioning hot and cool items in order to get the most effective cooling airflow.

It is important to plan data centres with business continuity in mind. If systems are crucial to the business, some form of back-up power may be needed. Even for less essential systems, an interruptible power supply will allow an orderly shutdown in the event of mains power failure. Redundant cabling may be needed to keep systems running in the event of problems. Our expert team of networking professionals are available to ensure that every aspect of your data centre is thoroughly planned and comprehensively designed to achieve the requirements of your business.

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