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At Indigo Technology Services we can satisfy the requirements of a wide range of customers by tailoring network solutions to fit their specifications.

For businesses with an existing infrastructure that requires improving or updating, we offer optimisation services that will make systems more resilient and apps run smoother. We can also improve the future-proofing of your current systems, making it easier for business owners to grow and expand their capabilities in the short, medium and long-term futures.

For organisations that are starting from scratch with a fresh network infrastructure, we can streamline the process of planning and implementing a solution that is customised to the requisite format that will best suit your needs.

Our portfolio of services begins with the very groundwork of networking, which is the actual connectivity itself. Whether you are going to be using copper data cabling, opting for a fibre-optic upgrade or improving mobility through wireless networking, our expert team of network engineers can help you achieve and surpass the objectives of your network.

We can also aid in the selection and sourcing of the network hardware, as well as offering you the chance to check up on the current performance and efficiency of your existing network with our comprehensive auditing and health check service, which are a great way of weeding out any inefficiencies or potential future problems.

In the server room, we can design racks, monitor the environment and make sure that all the components are pulling in the same direction so that our clients can keep information flowing unimpeded, ensuring that their businesses function effectively.

As well as being able to manage projects and put in place long-term maintenance plans, we can set up businesses with next-generation telephone systems and even carry out electrical work to ensure that everything is resilient and reliable.

We work with a wide range of systems from globally renowned manufacturers and suppliers, including companies such as HP, Cisco, Juniper, Extreme Networks, APC Schneider, Netbotz, Aruba, Ruckus, Brand Rex, Excel, Axis and Geodesy. So why not get in touch with our team to find out more about what Indigo Technology Services can do to help your business thrive?

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