Our Services

At Indigo Technology Services we understand the importance of communication to your business. That is why we offer comprehensive networking solution services, from the very first design idea to troubleshooting and maintaining your new network.

Our Work

Tasks we complete on a daily basis include simple installations, such as a single socket, and the formulation of highly specialised LAN/WAN infrastructures across several sites. The expertise of our highly trained professionals is sure to provide full networking solutions regardless of the size and complexity of the task.

The process of network configuration is fundamental to the work we do. Organising and maintaining the network, as well as integrating and upgrading certain components, begins at the design stage and is arguably never truly completed.

Network Configuration

Early in the network’s formulation we decide the best way to have the various components interface with each other, and we make allowances for possible changes to parts and systems we may encounter later. The advantages of good configuration include minimising the number of errors in a network, ensuring the best possible network security and a general streamlining of the processes of upgrading, repair and maintenance.

Project Management

Often Indigo Technology Services will take on a full project and network management role. This involves preparing a detailed plan of the logistical side of the project, including time scales, materials and working hours. This is then agreed with you before work begins so that you can be safe in the knowledge that we have a clear workflow in place.

While the installation is ongoing, we are able to take on all manner of project management tasks, including risk assessments, resource allocation and warranty applications. Leaving the network management side of the project to us, as well as the labour and technical aspects, will ensure a job well done and your peace of mind.

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