Wireless & Laser Wi-Fi

At Indigo Technology Services we have an expert team of highly qualified and experienced wireless network engineers who will work closely with you to achieve and surpass your business requirements for your wireless network. Our experienced team of engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with SME’s, national and internal businesses in a wide variety of different industries.

Not very long ago wireless networking would have been the stuff of science fiction. But today it’s a common feature in many homes and offices. When used for business, though, wireless provision needs to be planned carefully. There are more and more devices such as smartphones and tablets which use Wi-Fi and will require extra network capacity.

Whilst installing Wi-Fi at home is a simple matter of plugging in a router, for businesses things can be more complex. If there are several buildings on site, for example, you have the problem of getting signal between them. If running cables isn’t practical - because you need to cross a road, for example - you may need to look at a solution such as a laser link, which can transmit data securely between the buildings. If there’s line of sight between the locations, point to point Wi-Fi networks can provide a secure wireless bridge over long distances.

As with any form of business IT, wireless networking needs to be planned carefully. An initial survey needs to look at what coverage is needed and how that can best be provided - if it’s necessary to provide a wireless bridge between buildings, for example, and whether there are any areas where the Wi-Fi signal will need boosting in order to provide a reliable effective network connection.

Capacity needs to be planned carefully too in order to avoid loss of performance caused by the network becoming overloaded. Depending on how crucial it is to your business, you may also need to plan redundancy to cope if part of the network fails.

Security is an important consideration too. Your network needs to be protected from unauthorised access. However, it also needs to be flexible enough to provide a connection for visitors or contractors without allowing access to important information. If employees are allowed to use their own tablets and smartphones for work, the network security needs to take account of this too.

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